25 May 2009

Apolitical = Political Neutrality?

BYU-Idaho dissolved their BYU-I Republican & Democrat clubs

And then, my co-workers told me that it was a good idea.

I wanted to cry.

18 May 2009

I sleep nine to five

Third summer working on Grounds 'round 'bouts the duck pond. I enjoy the work.
My shoulders are sore.
The hours bite: blame the summer heat.
I like watching the sun rise over the mountains, every morning.

11 May 2009

Tomorrow is Bike to Work Day in Provo. I would like to work in the mountains.

Beautiful Provo Parkway Trail

I had no idea Mt. Timpanogos Park was so nearby, or so pretty! Let's bike out to the Storytelling Festival together, this Fall.

If you cross the highway at this bridge, just before Bridal Veil, you can head up Squaw Peak Rd

We only made it 3/4 a mile up the road. The gears on Silas's bike wouldn't shift down to first. No fun on such a steep ride. Joyfully, 3/4 is enough for a view

Our friend, the knotted tree trunk. Each hole is an eye, nose or mouth. He bid us a safe ride home!

01 May 2009


This is a blog. I am not sure what sort.
We can find out together, if you like.