03 December 2009


I subscribed to my blog's rss feed to see if it was working the way I thought (with a title and the first paragraph.) It wasn't. But, now it doesn't seem to be posting anything.


Life Transitions

Several of us are approaching life transitions of some sort or another:
Completing a university education ~~~~~congratulations, Austin!
Finishing graduate school
~~~~~congratulations, Rachel!
Embarking on globe trotting expeditions
~~~~~congratulations, Megan!
Flirting with the possibility of new love
~~~~~or so I hear, DareISayWho?
Mourning the loss of once-known love
~~~~~so sorry, TooMany.
Celebrating new life
~~~~~congratulations, Menards!
I'm sure there are many more ~~~~~celebration & sorrow as are fit

As I move through my own transitions, everything seems very abstract. I can't just sit down and sort out everything that is swirling around and inside me right now. Often, I find myself simply stepping back and allowing all of the emotions and events to simply move on their own. It seems like just loosening up and moving with whatever comes is best as long as the ground is still moving beneath me.

Still, there are a few things that hint to a more sure-footed future. Good conversations hold me in the moment. Spending time out of doors, in natural surroundings, consistently lends me a sense of peace.

As you are currently approaching life's transitions, or as you have in the past, what helps most to encourage hope?