19 January 2010

Preach It, Sister!

I listened to this interview while I was at work on my Ipod. Then, I came home and watched the same interview. Amazing. I first learned of A People's History when I was in High School, reading an op-ed piece in the local paper. Later, I tried to ask my teachers about the book but no one knew what I was talking about. I couldn't remember the title and so the book was lost to me until now.

The dramatizations, I think, were more moving when I was listening to them. Without the image of the actress, I was free to imagine Susan B Anthony, Cesar Chavez, Sojourner Truth, speaking the words. So, perhaps when the actors step up, just close your eyes and listen. However, what I earned with watching the video was an appreciation for the age of Howard Zinn. Watching a grandfatherly and great-grand fatherly man discuss these great orators out of history, helped me to remember that the causes of social justice are timeless. I've been told that I will "grow out" of my concerns. But, here are two men who are quite old enough to have "grown out of their concerns." And, they haven't.

Bill Moyers Journal interview with Howard Zinn

The video is nearly 30 minutes long, but worth the watch. If it's not your cup of tea, I suggest fast fowarding to the 23rd minute to listen to the final dramatization--Kerry Washington as Sojourner Truth, a fiery abolitionist who was born in to slavery.

01 January 2010

New Year Song

"What a Wonderful World" with spoken intro by Louis Armstrong off the Louis and Friends album.

I would have preferred to share just an audio clip, but couldn't find one. This you tube video is what I found instead. No need to watch, I'm not too keen on the video. But, listen, if you like. I like.