15 September 2011


And we found out, together.

New Noon


14 September 2011


(beauty unfolds over porridge. click to view)

08 September 2011

"I think it's a great idea. Just, remember, that you do have depression...

...and prepare accordingly."

Go ahead, jump out into a new place, something different. And take care to create a support network. If possible, go somewhere that the support network will be built in. But, whatever you do, make sure you have somewhere to go on the bad nights. People in general to socialize with. Enroll in a class. Do . not . allow . isolation.

07 September 2011


I am submitting a proposal at work tomorrow. Nervous.
Tending the garden/farm in South Carolina for a spell?

06 September 2011

the past several days

gentle, now. eat food. see friends. go to work.
complete the daily tasks, and allow for extra time.
trust in experience, these emotions will pass.
laughter, and the outdoors.

New Apartment

I daydream about owning my own condo, and installing Mexican tile.

26 August 2011

nearing completion

I have built a tower. Reaching up for the vaulted ceiling. Tonight, I take the evening off from packing. I shall resume on the morrow.

In the meantime, John Wayne vs. The Man From Snowy River.

25 August 2011

Still packing.

23 August 2011

a flock of boxes and i

3 years.
Barring unexpected circumstances, I expect to remain Provo-bound for the next three years.
And, I want the apartment I choose to be home for the remainder of those three years.
And, after three years, I want to leave Utah.

September 2014: You now own significance.

22 August 2011

Today, I finished this book:

A fear harbored from a young age. A reality expressed by various men upon parting. I wonder how this fear influences my feminism. Articulate, in a book on masculinity.
"I loved him, but I lost my identity in his, because he's so overwhelming and powerful. I had my own thing going in life before I met him, but I quickly became the person who was beneath him, and my world started to revolve around his. He was and is a loving but intolerant person. Someone else's opinion was never welcome. He was obsessed with making money, with buying land, with success, and he was always on the road. It got to the point where I never saw him. The only time we spoke was when he gave me orders."

21 August 2011

Throwaway Culture

Today, I started packing.

28 March 2011

It is getting better.