23 August 2010

I did it! I did it! I did it!

This is me, home safe and sound,
From my first ever
Solo Backpacking Expedition.

"All men say 'What' to me, but I thought it a fashion.
When much in the woods, as a little girl, I was told that the snake would bite me that I might pick a poisonous flower, or goblins kidnap me; but I went along and met no one but angels who were far shyer of me than I could be of them, so I haven't that confidence in fraud which many exercise." --Emily Dickinson, in a letter to Higginson as quoted in his Atlantic essay

In other news, Jasper (the lost netbook) has been found. And none of my roommates oppose pets of the feline sort. Want list, I whittle you.

15 August 2010

I've had a lot on my mind lately. I've been trying to keep the thoughts tethered to a stake of "Treat yourself in the same manner as you expect yourself to treat others: with courtesy, understanding and gentleness."

Today, as I was writing, I decided to let myself make a list of things I want. Forget that it feels horribly selfish and egotistical. It's not. There's nothing wrong with being aware of my own desires, no matter how selfish focusing on those may feel.

I thought that what came out in my list was interesting. I'm curious as to what would be on your list, and how we understand our own lists of desires. So, I'll take the first step by sharing my own:

  • I want a kitten
  • I want to speak perfectly accented, grammatically accurate, Spanish
  • I want to learn a trade--like automotive repair or computer repair, nursing, carpentry, plumbing or farming.
  • I want to be part of a small, close knit community that includes children through the elderly.
  • I want to be happy in my present.
  • I want to reach out to others and remain open to the growing of the aforementioned close knit community.
  • I want to be financially stable.
  • I want to hike, travel and explore on a regular basis.
  • I want to work with children and/or adolescents.
  • I want to be part of a faith community who shares my values and supports my journey.
  • I want to search out a compassionate man who wants to build life with me, with whom to share love and companionship.
  • I want a small, stuffed, couch to sink down and cuddle into (perhaps with the aforemntioned man, or a good book, or pen & paper, or a friend, or the aforementioned kittens, or schoolwork.)
  • I want to work in the sun.
  • I want to find my lost netbook.
  • I want to feel content with being alone.
  • I want to feel confident in my ability to be an agent for change in the world.
  • I want to be an agent for change and social justice in my life, those I love, and strangers.
So, that's the list I came up with. Surely there are other things that could be included ("meangingful conversation with passionate people" jumps to mind,) but I was constrained by paper space at the time that I was originally constructing the list. Even without being all-inclusive, I feel like my list pretty well captures who I would like to be and the thoughts that have been boggling my mind of late.

What do you want?