31 July 2010

Colgate & Coleus

Brushing my teeth this morning , it occurred to me that it's kind of strange: We scrape a chemical formula across our teeth every morning and night... and that keeps our teeth clean and healthy. Weirrrrrrd. And wonderful. (although I imagine there are non chemical concoctions that work well?) Also apparently even without the toothpaste it's good for your teeth, according to a dental hygienist a while back. I'm glad that I can keep my teeth healthy. Even if I'm still conflicted about, "Wait, people a century ago couldn't do this! (or could they?) And there are people today who still don't have access! Yarh."

= my favorite toothpaste

Also, I have a little garden of coleus growing in my house, and have possibly adopted one of Sarah's aloe plants. These are super-easy to care for plants. Still, I usually kill even the "easy" plants. I've enjoyed taking care of these little plants and checking in on them every day. I'm surprised how useful and grounding taking care of the plants has been for me. As for weirdness similar to the toothpaste: Coleus you'll find in the wild is green. We have cultivars of various leaf shapes and colors and they're really pretty. They're not natural. You won't go out to the jungle anywhere and find a pink and apple-green variegated coleus. That's sort of weird to me. But, I'm okay with it.

= my favorite coleus cultivar, popularly named "Freckles"

*Blogging about toothpaste & houseplants is mostly a practice in "it's okay to be boring, and maybe if you write a li'l more often, something interesting will start to shake out more regularly." Thanks for patience.

21 July 2010


Let's make this a food testing blog, for the week.

Burger King's Veggie Burger= edible, but not particularly desirable. I'd been wanting to try it for a while. When I realized this evening that I'd eaten very little through the entire day, obviously it was time. I am now satiated, but it's not something I'll ever crave.

What new foods've you tasted or tested lately?

20 July 2010

itchy itchy feet that refuse to get scratched

So, I spent two months on the road. Itinerant. Wandering. Movemovemovemoe

Then, I came home. My Mom came to visit. When she left, I went back on the road for a weekend. And then the following weekend. And the weekend after that, too. I'm not sure my wanderlust has been sated, but I'm determined to stay home this weekend.

I'm sure there's plenty I could write about those adventures. But, here's what actually finally inspired me to post:

Megs and I held a duel between Private Selection Premium Fruit Bars (Strawberry) and Dreyer's brand strawberry Fruit Bars. While Dreyers had a more consistently creamy texture, the PS brand had more strawberries and a sweeter flavor. The cheapo knockoff brand wins! Please purchase accordingly.

this message brought to you by the strangest lunch, ever: Potato Salad, scrambled eggs spiced with various indian flavors & cinnamon, and fruit bars. This lunch was consumed while creating a Thank You card for the Conrad Beach Co-op folk who kindly hosted us on last last latestlast minute notice, in San Francisco. We cut out the card to look like the Wasatch Range. Timpanogos, the Y on Ymountain, and June Suckers merrily swimming through Utah Lake were all included. You miss Provo. You know it. Don't deny